Monday, 20 February 2012

It happened so I could breath perfectly.
And the moon shown,
I thought it wouldn't dare
I used to live in a swamp
Where lotus grew
For it made me happy
Happier than what one feels after wandering the desert for life
And then finding an oasis.
I wanted to break away from the monotony of rhyme,
So I rose from the swamp,
I left it.
My lotus must have missed me at first,
But now he just resents it
Just resents it

Friday, 17 February 2012

I have never titled my poetry

Sand bore trees
But there stood men
And before they fell on their knees,
They lived seven eternities

A mirage was chased
And dignity was reduced to the grains of sand
Could have faced the truth
It was just sand

Then the sea,
it rose to me,
And asked me
Did I want to win another eternity?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

On Love

In whose sighs did I lose my breath?
Moon lost, who did it want to hold in it's arms?
Arms that were designated a bearer and an owner even before genesis
Creation; eyes which claimed the rest of the existence is useless
It is useless for me to lament over passion
It acknowledged me as it's god
A god who created a paradigm,
a standard to conjoin towards the end
A demise: just another direction
Direction: a path that led to an aim
Aim; that was lost in it's own way
This way, must have been addictive
Addiction still holds charm somewhere
A place were we lived in the other's breath!