Monday, 3 October 2011

We Need To Talk Seriously, God!

Since you have lit a lantern,
Let us look for it.

Silence and centuries of solitude but death never came.
After centuries of search, it has dawned upon me that the one that never answered was just you.

And I think I know why there is pleasure in pain
Why this pleasure has diluted my existence;

I, the best creation, a man
Gasping for air, looking for the light but still best I am.

Then death came but not for me,
There were things which I desired to be…

I saw you once as a star but a million light years away from me you lit.
I searched, in my next life the highest mountain, I even climbed it.

Then one day I found you, was that you or was that just me?
Is God that, which I can also be?


  1. Nice little chat with God.

    God is in you--He is everywhere.

    Impressive poetic workout.