Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ghalib , Iqbal and Faraz on the same thing

GHALIB; let me drink wine in the mosque or tell me about a place where Allah is not present.

IQBAL; a mosque is the home of Allah, not a place to drink, go to a kafir's heart there Allah is not present.

faraz; there is Allah inside a non believers heart he is just oblivious to this fact.

I have never really admired or read Faraz but I completely agree on this one. This we know from the teachings of the Prophet S.A.W that when all souls had been created they were gathered at one place and Allah introduced himself to all creation 'Ana rabi'. It is present in our unconscious that a God exists. even those who do not believe in God do still believe that there is something much stronger than them which they cannot control regardless of what they name it  

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