Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This I believe is my best work so far

I saw a man conversing with God one night.
"Everything new turns old.
I saw, I knew, I was born with sight."
Must have been born with sight but not insight.
"What they have will remain in sight.
What I have, I will take and turn it to gold."

"A lamp was lit,
How shall I hide light!"
Do keep six feet for me aswell.
I now am not worth that light.
"I keep scratching my face,
And I have copper nails."
I look at the mirror,
my face is un scratched.

The more I scratch,
The more lovely I become.
"I dip my fingers in the sea,
The sea becomes bitter."
The fire gets cold in front of me.
I ask the mirror: what have I become!
What have I become?


  1. "Khudaaya aarzoo meri yahee hai,
    mera noor-e-baseerat aam ker dey" (ALLAMA IQBAL)

    ****"Sight" or "in sight" doesn't matter as much as does "INSIGHT" ******************.

    Leen Shafaat, you have presented a good piece of the ART- almost captured the reality which we usually hesitate to acknowledge.

    1. Please visit http://tariqmian.blogspot.com