Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This I wrote when I got inspired by T.S. Eliot

The concrete moon has come.
But has dawned upon another balcony.
Tired, just went to sleep.
Nothing to embelish dreams with.
Nothing to over which to weep.
After one eternity,
Woke up to believe
Must have slumbered a hundred,
Or three hundred and nine years.
All that was left were two stones.
One was pain and the other was death.
Then I swallowed them with my eyes.
That must be how I was blinded.
I rose,walked,crossed an ocean.
I do not slumber now,
I stay hungry
But it swirls,
I moves,
calls upon its allies.
It is alive within me.
Feeds upon my desire for it.
I think the stones were just black pearls.
Pearls were once eyes,
His eyes.

The sandcastles which washed away,
Were never a game.
I would have destroyed,
I would have reconstructed.
Demolished and again built,
Played with sand on my own.
I would have went back to arrogance,
Lived on my own.

Another ocean which I walked across,
Made me the goddess of abandoned wells,
Strong fortresses,
Fresh water springs,
Abandoned, all abandoned,
Paradise abandoned,
Life itself abandoned.
It lead to the time of feast,
Which I served in those ruins.
Burnt ships I came in,
But did not come to conquer anything.
Who conquers ruins?
Who waits for its gardens to bloom?
I came to live its life.
I came to get wasted in this wasteland.
Become its humuss,
Fertilise it,
Then be reincarnated into something above this existence.
I want to plant death here.
And I shall water it on time.
It shall bloom into the garden of death.
For I want to abandon it.
A few centuries later, stones grew.
And so did the deafening sound of silence.
Then I had an encounter with death,
I looked, I saw, I wept,
And the same did death.
That lead me to this state after life yet before death.
I cannot depart before I have a union with another
Who has seen tears in the eyes of death!

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