Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pure Art

Yesterday I saw the drama which I think is going to be my favorite for this fall, Humsafar which is based on a novel by Farhat Ishtiaq. It is a shame that I do not know much about the writer but what I gathered from the story is that it is going to be breath taking. For me, the idea of a love story is usually Devdas. I am kind of lame in that sense I believe in the existence of Ishq and that love being too small a word, my friends say I am a drama queen, I often tell them that I am a writer and that I cannot help it.

Pakistani dramas are and have always been a class apart and I am a regular viewer of them some of my all times favorites are tanhayain, zaib-un-nisa, alfa-bravo-Charlie, angan terah, dhoop kinara. Back in the day we did not have much choice on television so I spent my childhood watching shows like ilaf-noon, pas-i-aina, I hope you guys remember college jeans , I am lead to think that that was where I developed my first love; The National College of Arts. Initially my father wanted me to become an engineer but when he saw my undying passion for art and culture he used to tell me every other day; ‘I will not send you to another college besides NCA.’ And I would always tell him, ’I will not go to another college besides NCA.’

These dramas that I saw as a child I credit them for most of my taste in literature, but as a child I did not realize the importance of Urdu as a language plus I was sent to top notch English medium school, so I barely learnt any Urdu now I regret that I am almost a frangi it is frustrating for me to read any thing written in the Nasta’liq script. I hold urdu literature above English and the kind of passion I have for urdu I read and learn urdu verses from the internet in the urdu written with English alphabets.
With the rise of star plus we dropped class of our dramas, thank god we are back in the game and HUM TV has a big contribution I do not credit Geo much as they seldom come up with good story lines and good screen plays one of the best by Geo were dil-e-nadan, Tum ho k chup and Zip- bas chup raho. The last one, I have seen those things happen around me and it was interesting to see somebody being bold enough to say them out loud. On the other hand Hum came up with the phenomenal DASTAN period.       

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  1. Your comment on my blog has directed me to your present post on Pure Art.
    Although, you are new to blogging, yet you have a style and I admire that.
    I have right away joined your club of followers.
    I am not sure if you are also among my intelligent friends as yet.
    I must encourage you to keep writing and presenting good stuff as above.

  2. @ mr mian ,thankyou and you are the first to follow or read my blog besides my friends.

  3. I don't get it. You are my 'follower'- yet dont respond to my comments or emails.

    Create a book with graphics and polyglot text and submit it to me. If it has merit, I will publish and market it.
    Do it now, when you have leisure. Later will be too late.